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Who are we?

VIDI GROUP is a modern transport agency which provides consultancy services and delivers optimal transport solutions. We specialise in express transport using vans up to 3.5t GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight). We are highly professional and extremely well trained in our field. VIDI GROUP provides you with much more than just transport services. We are aware of our position on the market, and our firm is driven by four key values: Client, Community, Environment and VDG.


For us, our clients are of the highest importance, which is why we always take care to provide the best transport solutions by sharing our knowledge, supporting our clients, and actively helping them to grow their businesses. We never promise the impossible. We are aware that not keeping our word would have a negative influence not only on our reputation, but also on our clients’ reputations. For this reason we always remain loyal to our partners and closely follow the principle of client confidentiality.


As entrepreneurs we take social responsibility seriously by supporting the local transport market. The safety of people and their property is our top priority, which is why we use vehicles that meet strict standards of safety and environmental protection and are in perfect working order. We calculate transit time (TT) based on our experience, knowledge and the predisposition of our drivers. Our vehicles are always loaded within maximum permissible limits. This ensures the safety of our drivers and of other road users.

Natural environment

The natural environment belongs to us all, which is why each one of us must help to protect it. The Earth – our planet and our home – is being exploited at an alarming rate. For this reason, we feel it is our obligation to use vehicles which meet all environmental protection standards, thereby contributing to reducing the emission of greenhouse gases and the use of oil, and limiting the amount of noise pollution. We also encourage our drivers to drive economically. Our employees are aware of environmental issues and are careful to be ecological in everything they do, even down to segregating waste in the office.

Sustainable growth

As a modern company, we focus on sustainable development, while at the same time following a professional code of ethics and moral principles. We believe that success cannot be achieved at the expense of subcontractors, clients or employees. We fight against unfair competition and always abide by the law. For us, development is not only about financial growth. We support our employees, we listen to their needs, and we give them a wide range of career opportunities. We are not afraid of change and we are happy to implement innovative technologies and new technical solutions.

Can’t find the service you are looking for?

Contact us. Our experience means we can meet any challenge and prepare a tailor-made solution to suit your needs.